29 March 2008

this is cool guy chico. that is why he is squinting. hahahah i love my chico.

to your right you will see my amie/friend. this face totally describes her personality. uh, ya. crazy fish-like girl. aussi je devrai dire... AUTRUCHE.

18 March 2008

i went to the dentist to get some baby teeth pulled. he went twist, twist, YANK! no, it did not hurt as much as it sounds like. he put lots of freezy in my mouth. it bled allot. he had to pull them because i had my grown up teeth all ready coming in.
rolling in the barrel

summersalt on the beam

the other day i went to my brother's gymnastic camp. it was lots of fun. i wasn't allowed to use everything since i am so big. but here's what I did use. they had this half sphere thing. you stand on the flat side and try to balance. it was also fun to put it flat side down, put your feet on top then use your our to go around it.

there was a barrel that one person would lie down in and another would push the barrel so it would roll.