21 December 2007

december news

My fastest time for my race is... (sound the trumpets) 25m in 28 sec!I have not got all my times yet. That is my best time.
For X-mas I am staying home.
I am so exited! It is now official. I am home schooling , because of my teacher. He is swearing at us and hurting us. I am in grade 4. I know this is not okay. My mom said we only have to do the curriculum for math and English. So, for social studies i am going to study Beijing and France. My mom says we might be able to go to France.

12 December 2007

my swim life

Tomorrow , I have a swim mete . It is in Airdrie. The pool I normally swim at is closed for renovation. I want my front crawl tine to be under 35 seconds. same for back crawl. I want my breast stroke to be under 45 seconds. I don't know about butterfly. My team colors are orange and black.

09 December 2007

hi i'm jills little bro.

Hi, I am Peirce. Jill's brother. Today we r going to church. Chico, our dumb loving dog likes to sleep.
Hi this is Chico. My family (peirce) hes always mean to me . But not any more. He is as nice as a cockroach.

08 December 2007

please don't cry

Nov. 6 I was feeling strange feels. I felt worried about my mom. My mom was pregnant. My mom hadn't felt the baby kick in a while. We decided to go to the hospital. Just in case. We realy didn't think anything was going to happen. But, better safe than sorry. My mom went in and had an ultra sound. They said they cuoldn't find a heart beat. And that my sister would be stillborn.
we named her Destiny Dawn Ackroyd. I got to talk about her at the funeral.
It is X-mas agian! I am soooooo exited. Today i am goinng to this camp. i'm gonna try to win the contest. the contest is to see who can bring the most friends. i've invited 4.I hope they call back soon. If I win, I get a ipod suffle.
I 'm sorry, I should have introduoced myself first. My real name is Jillian. but everyone calls me Jill. I am 9 years old and have a dog. (if you can call it that) He is a chihuahua named Chico. my uncle told me that means small in spanish.
Now back to what i was saying. I already had a shuffle. But, it was so smallI lost it. It was around easter when I lost it we still haven't found it. I am not going to lose this one. I hope.

ta ta for now