15 May 2008

missionary work

So, today at swim club i said hi to Carson's sister.(Carson is a little boy i know from swim club) then I saw Spencer Hudson from church. Carson's sister came over and asked me how i knew him. i said, "from church"
"are you Mormon?"
"do you like being Mormon?"
i understand why Jadean from my home school doesn't like being put on the spot! right then i couldn't think of a great answer so i said,
"because its awesome."
then mom pulled up so i left. later i started thinking.why do i like being a latter day saint?this is my answer-
this just makes me happy. When ever i read about the prophets in the magazines i just know he is living prophet of god.i like that the church wont make investigators believe. the church will encourage you not force you. i like that everyone in the church is like one big family. I like the feeling that i get after a great lesson. i like writing talks.
If you want to know more please let me know and it would rule if i got a bunch of comments on this post.

13 May 2008

I Am Iron Man!

Today I made an iron man suit out of Styrofoam. I watched iron man the movie. It was great! I thought Penny Potts was pretty cool. I thought it was funny when Tony Stark uses his computer (in the suit) to shoot only the bad guys but in some parts I thought Tony was a little drunk. I think it was even better than Batman Begins (and that is saying something!) I definitely recommend this movie!

P.S. The blue circle is the heart piece that is keeping the shrapnel out of his heart.

09 May 2008

us trip

In march i went on a trip to the united states. I stoped after the border to go to the washroom. But the first one after the border stunk! it was filthy. but they were selling the weirdest necklaces there. I was seriously tempted to buy one. they had real bugs trapped in this plastic bead! (they were dead) But i thought they looked to creepy. i knew mum would never let me ware it. so i waited till the next rest stop.
we got to our hotel. we went swimming. me and Jordan (my cousin who came along.) did this thing were we get in the hot tub till we get warm then we jump into the pool. jordy push we in once. ;)
one of my favourite parts of the hotel was the vending machine. i liked putting the paper into the machine. SLURP. It would eat up the paper dollar. all the candy was so inexpensive. I could buy candy for $.50! they have huge chocolate bars.
I woke up and we went to breakfast. There was an awesome breakfast. i had a waffle, peaches, rice crispy cereal, and OJ. I put straberry syrop on it. the rest of the day way extremely boring.(exept that i lost my hair brush) But I got some good pictures. (above)