28 September 2008

a day of sportsmanship!

today i am gnawing on the bit. here is my schedule-
12:00- take part in an intense game of soccer. (ouch! sprained my ankle. that Will hurt tomorrow!) the score was 5-2 for my team.
1:45-terry fox run. in which i ran 4k.
5:00 go to swim club, have tom ponting coach me. Tom ponting went to the Olympics 3 times and swam in the butterfly relay. he won 2 silvers and a bronze. i was surprised that he coached us on freestyle instead of butterfly.
7:oo- go to a wicked flames hockey game at the saddledome. we killed Florida. after the first period the just about switched from hockey to boxing. at the end i believe the score was 8-2 for the flames. my grandma will post some pics on her blog. www.thefamilycalledhyde.blogger.com
when i got home i was asleep before my head hit the pillow. i had a wunderful day and hope to do something else like it. keep reading!

25 September 2008


i haven't written for such a long time! well better late than never. here is a brief account of my summer-
first i went to Raymond to visit my cousins on July 1st.
-i went fishing with My dads pfs buddy, Andy. he has a website called www.sportfishingalberta.ca
-i went to lethbridge for a grandma camp. at grandma camp we made teddy bear apparel, went to the cardston theatre and watched a play called "calamity Jane", we watched where the red fern grows and, i got a glow pillow for my b-day, we went out side around midnight when it was dark and we to awesome pics with glow sticks.
-then i came home and wen to a writing camp. i interviewed an olympic curler named amy nixon. she earned a bronze medal in torino 2006.
- at the end of summer i ran a 5k race.i did it in 50 minutes.