22 December 2008

christmas sunday

last sunday was Christmas Sunday. i got to sing for the whole ward. I got to sing arise and sing this Christmas morn, picture a stable, the nativity song, and stars were gleaming. we had no Sunday school or primary. after we just had a linger longer (pot luck).

after church we just hung out for a long time. I got to do allot on facebook. but i got a headache from too much computer time.

we went to the Hudson's party after that. we sang and sang Christmas carols. i sang all night. they allways have a choclate fountain. i love their parties. christmas is AWESOME. 2 more days!

21 December 2008

pictures i found of google

google bot

swim google

Olympics google Einstein

16 December 2008

skiiiiiii weeeeek!!!!!!!!

this week is ski week. what a good thing! the only problem is that it will be too cold so COP canceled as did the school. i am skiing for the first time in my life. i am pretty good.
i think when i go to Fernie for my race and for Christmas i will go skiing with my cousins. they like to ski but for my mom...
skiing is definitely easier than snowboarding. I got to the 4th level of the ski passport. in 5 more i can go to the chairlift. But, if my instructor talks as much as he did today, i don't think i will get there. it took him 15 minutes to explain how to go on the conveyor belt! i have 1 more day of skiing this month. i promise to get to the assessment and inform you later.
there are so many sensations involved with this. like when you put on and take off the boots. or going really fast. i probably have a different idea of fast than people who are better skiers then i.

14 December 2008

Bifocal by Deborah Ellis + Eric Walters

okay. my mom made me read this book and i finished it last night. this was not such a bad book. i liked the style it was written in. it had two different perspectives telling the story. one of the Muslim kids and a kid on the football team. i LOVED the end. it was a little hard to get through the middle. i also thought that i prefer Deborah Ellis over Eric Walters.

it was two different people telling the story. Haroon and Jay. one other wrote the Haroon perspective and another wrote the Jay perspective. Eric Walters wrote jay's part. Some people might remember me writing about the bread winner. she wrote this too.

One of the lines i liked was " if she was confident, she wouldn't need to flaunt it." I like this mostly because it is true. there are a couple of girls I could tell that to at school. they would not believe it though. lost cause.

This week I finished 2 books about 210 pages. The only problem is that i don't have any thing to read till Christmas! THIS IS A TRAGEDY!!! the only way to tie myself over until then is to read Asterix comix in french. rrr....

I do recomend this book just for the ending. don't sstop in the dry parts! IF YOU PLAN ON READING THE BOOK SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH!!! one part i thought i could cut in halve was when Walters writes like 4 pages about the football dudes egging the houses. other than that it was awesome.

on the left you will find my video bar. there is one vid that is about the book you could consider watching. that ONE is about the book, the others have absaloutly nothing to do with this post.

jilly billy

39 Clues by Rick Riodan

This is on e of my new favorite series. i can't believe I have to wait for Christmas to read the next one. the 1st sentence goes "five minutes before she died, Grace Cahill changed her will." now that is suspenseful. i loved the part even though it was very sad when the boy, Dan got his backpack with the picture of his parents snatched up by the train. it was pretty touching.
I liked it because not only can one read the books but we can get the cards, play on the website ( www.39clues.com ), and win prizes. on the website you make an account and find out which branch of the Cahill family you are a part of. the book says that most of the important or influential people of the world are part of this family. the 4 branches go Ekaterina - the smarties branch, Lucian - the evil ones, Janus - the artsy fartsy people, ant he Tomas like me - the active and fit of the family.
I never even told you what this is about! well, it starts at a funeral for Grace Cahill , Amy and Dan's' grandma. in her will it says that a specific 40 people have the chance to take 1 million dollars or the 1st clue to a mystery that if resolved " will make them the most powerful and influential people in the history of human civilization."
I definitely recommend this book ( as a Christmas present? ). but the end is such a cliff hanger. so get ready for a ten book series.
keep reading! jill

07 December 2008

PURPLE / randomness

im case i did not tell you, i LOVE purple. i don't even know why i get this OCD about things. but i like it beacuase it is very deep. i found somay awesome pics of purple from google images - but i still can't figure out how to get pics on my blog,>:o[!
i went to the Coalition rally on saturday. it was lots of fun. there were people yelling and screaming (kind of like my brother). my favorite chant was :
where do we live? CANADA, what do we want? DEMOCRACY when do we want it? NOW
i thought it was funny how people left their signs at the statue of the famous five. theyput the signs on their laps and tables and stuff.i put mine that said "coalition smoalition" in one of their hands.
i love having a blog
stay tuned!