17 October 2008


on wednesday we got our HPV and Hep B shots. i was surprised how fast it was. i did not notice the Hep shot. but the HPV one pinched. i even got a brouise from it! the lady did it surprisingly fast. she asked me to tell her 10 things in my room, and i got to three after she was done. i have to get 4 more shots. but i am not nervous for them.

15 October 2008

peace river

i went to peace river for thanks giving. it took eight hours to get there. i didn't feel the true impact since i was asleep 3/4 of the time. we got there and stayed in the hotel my grandpa manages. it is called the sawridge inn. we got there at 2 am. uugggghhh...
the next morning we hung out in my grand parent's room. later we drove across the river. did you know 40% of all the water in Canada flows through that river? then we went on the faerie. that was very interesting. you could go to my moms blog for details. ( www.ackroyd house.blogspot.com )
when we got across we drove some more and got to Fahler. it is a french town. but i only got to speak to 1 person who spoke french. they had the most amazing slide. it was bigger than any i had ever seen.
we went home and i showed grandma how to make an amazing braclet. she made it pink and purple. i thought it was very nice. after hanging out a little, we went to see beverly hills chihuahua. that was one of my favourite movies. we will rent it and show it to my dog, chico.
On Sunday, we went to church. it was a very small building. i thought it was interesting how when the speaker said good morning the congregation said hello back. we all got candys at the end from our singing time leader. then we went home. me and my papa watched hockey and baseball. my dad and peirce had a nap and then we went swimming. i went up the slide 25 times in 10 minutes.
then we went to bed.
on monday we said bye to papa and got in the car. we took grandma home. then she drove with my dad to lethbride with my dad. he had appoinments there.
i would like to go there earlier in the fall. my gandma said it was beautiful then. i think you should go ther, but bring a coat.

uh oh!

the other day my webkinz expired. i had a chihuahua. his name was chieco. that is the same as my actuall dog.

10 October 2008

a day of adventure

today i have no school. thanks to thanksgiving weekend i think. i want to have a day of adventures. here is list of things i want to do-
go to cochraine for ice cream.
visit the science center (telus world of science)
see Beverly hills chihuahua the movie
finish writing my song, about our virtue of the month at school
go to the glenmore museum. i have never gone there in my life. so this is a priority.
i havent confirmed with mom but this i what i want to do. i will write later about what i actualy did do.
keep reading!:O)

06 October 2008

bench dodgeball

today in gym we played a game called bench dodge ball. it is just like normal dodge ball but in stead of sitting down when you are hit, you sit on a bench on the other teams side. your team mates throw balls for you to catch i you catch one you return to home base with a free walk. this is one of my new favourites.

02 October 2008

geography could help end poverty!

i would like to reccomend this really cool site.
what you do is you read the name of the place, then, click where it is on the map. every time you get a perffect one you donate 10 cups of water to people in poverty. you don't need to pay anything. definetly try it out.

bottle drive

my swim team is having a bottle drive. so if you would like to get rid of all those cans, let me know and we'll come pick them up.

please don't go to too much trouble.