03 February 2009

michael phelps

   i know tons of you readers think that Phelps is a total bum, because he smoked pot.  but i think the opposite! just think, he can win eight gold medals and beat several world records while doing drugs! i am not EVER going to do drugs, so i will have an advantage. (if you get that) 
   I was talking to some of my friends about how i am going to beat Micheal Phelps, and someone ( who shall remain unnamed and alive even though that will be hard for me) doubted that i could do it. they also doubt that Jesiah ( a guy at school ) can get to the NHL, or that my very smart friend, Rae, can cure cancer. but we established that when he grows up, he Will be a homeless bum. I find it sad that he Will never get to see me on the podium since he won't be able to afford cable.
   I take my goals serously, the next person to say i can't do anything i set out to, will be thrased to peices with my ninja mind powers!