30 January 2008

pics of moi

i aways wanted to meet buzz! i wachted toy story 1000 times every day!

peirce is not fishing. he is holding a horse wip and saying "yaa yaa"

back to school

chico didn't enjoy the ride like peirce did! if you click this picture you will see chico has his paws spread out for dear life!

this is from my moms cousin's wedding
beside me are my cousins zoe (top) and soleil (left)
this is at mucsle beach in santa monica CA

awesome sites!

www.americangirl.com a site for girls a round the age of 10
www.ackroydhouse.blogspot.com my mom's blog
www.altavista.bablefish.com a site i use for translating thing into french
www.french.about.com the coolest french guide around!
www.jecolorie.com a french site i like
www.lds.org all my chuch resources

23 January 2008

jill is in da house!!!!

yesterday i went to my school to visit my Friends. i was surrounded by a group of friends. it was like i was a super star , they were the paparazzi and Zee and Rae (my bffs) were even acting like body guards! "move away! give'er some space!" i decided that i don't like those paparazzi.(the real ones at least)

21 January 2008

je veut la francais!

je veut teriblement returner a l'ecole.je veut, mais, je ne veut pas. lesser moi expliquer. ma prof n'est pas trop gentil. il meme m'apeller une chien femmel! mais si je fais l'ecole a la maison, je ne peut pas parler francais. (maman ne parle pas la francais)

16 January 2008

the miraculus jounrey of Edward tulane

This book is about a rabbit named Edward Tulane. He goes on a ship with a girl named Abilene. Then two boys get a hold of him and he is thrown overboard. Then he is found by a fisher man and his journey begins.
I thought Edward at the beginning was very self centered and had no love. I think he learned to love because he became less self centered. I would be loving too if i thought I was going to be turned into a wort hog if i did not!
my favourite part was when Bryce called Sarah Ruth honey. it was really sweet. i was surprised when Neal broke Edwards head. i was sad when Sarah Ruth died. my favourite character was, bull. i thought he was interesting and believable. the story needed more humor. it was very dramatic. i liked how Edward had so may names.
i recommend this book.


Christmas was lots of fun this year.first I opened presents with mom, dad, and Peirce. then the family drove to Raymond(tiny town beside Lethbridge), and opened presents with my dad's side of the family. we slept at grandpa's hotel. the next day, we opened presents with my moms side of the family. it was really great.

08 January 2008

the invention of hugo cabret

The latest book i finished is called The Invention Of Hugo Cabret. It takes place in France. It is 536 pages. i read it in 1 day. I'm not a nine year old wonder. Three quarters of the pages are pictures. The pictures tell the story.
My favourite part was when he took the key off the girl without even touching her.I was really surprised when the toy maker saved Hugo from being ran over by the train.I got involved when the toy maker said he would burn the notebook with all the drawings of the automaton.I was never bored in this story. My favourite character was the toy maker. I think he grew the most. He became more open, and less secretive. I liked how he wrote this book. I don't think this could ever happen for real. I think all the characters became much better people.
I really recommend this book.