05 April 2009

Bottle drives are freaky

     Yesterday, we had a bottle drive in Airdrie. Me and Peirce got the freaky neighbourhood.  This one guy, had a kinda chubby round face, white spots one his head with no hair, a big gross stain on his shirt. Peirce says he had green to nails... totally gross. Lots of other people had just underwear on.  There  were also delicious burgers! 
  We got lots of bottles. NCSA is doing another one in june. I think this one is in Calgary. So be ready Calgary!

25 March 2009

AAAARRRGGG!!!! (continued)

    Last time I told you about face-washing that guy. LOL.  we we're playing full contact soccer. (don't tell Mrs.  A) But i didn't have the ball! This guy just walks up to me and trips me. For no reason!!!! This was before I kicked him on the bus. He could not have been doing it for vengeance. (don't you love that word?) He probably did it because he is a bum. So I let him walk away.  (for now) Then, when he doesn't expect it, i run up to him, pull his legs out from under him, and face-wash him!  
     I can't forget to credit my friend Rae and my aunt Virginia. Rae helped me pull this off. Aunt Virginia was my inspiration.  }:O] (Unibrow)

Chico the Crazy Chihuahua

        Oh my goodness.... Chico is such a funny dog.  We give him kibbles and bits for food. he sorts them! He puts the fish and triangles away from the others in a little pile. its really cute. we are trying to figure out if he does it to save the best for last, or, because he does not like them. i guess we will never know. (unless in the future dogs and cats will learn how to talk) 
      Chico has major attitude. If he is freaking out at the people walking down the street, ("You can't walk there! This street is mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!") we say "chico shush!" Then we go and hold his muzzle. He grumbles. "nyar nyar ggrrrr... nyar " its pretty funny.  

05 March 2009


As i come to school yet again, i am reminded of how terrible people are. Grade five is fun I am learning lots but, life stinks no matter what. i have great friends but boys are stinky (i don't just mean they smell. they are mean too ) right now. after Me being ticked at most of them, on the bus, this one guy called my brother a trashy name. (its too inappropriate too write here)  I was REALLY MAD!!!  I called him some thing back and then hit him... I kinda do that often lately. (this was the same guy I had face washed on Monday. LOL I'll tell you later) so today I said something back that was again inappropriate. Funny...

03 February 2009

michael phelps

   i know tons of you readers think that Phelps is a total bum, because he smoked pot.  but i think the opposite! just think, he can win eight gold medals and beat several world records while doing drugs! i am not EVER going to do drugs, so i will have an advantage. (if you get that) 
   I was talking to some of my friends about how i am going to beat Micheal Phelps, and someone ( who shall remain unnamed and alive even though that will be hard for me) doubted that i could do it. they also doubt that Jesiah ( a guy at school ) can get to the NHL, or that my very smart friend, Rae, can cure cancer. but we established that when he grows up, he Will be a homeless bum. I find it sad that he Will never get to see me on the podium since he won't be able to afford cable.
   I take my goals serously, the next person to say i can't do anything i set out to, will be thrased to peices with my ninja mind powers!

08 January 2009

my website

I made a website! I hope you like it because it took me such a long time to do it. 
it is about how there are people that think that just because they are rich and snobby they think the are cool.