22 December 2008

christmas sunday

last sunday was Christmas Sunday. i got to sing for the whole ward. I got to sing arise and sing this Christmas morn, picture a stable, the nativity song, and stars were gleaming. we had no Sunday school or primary. after we just had a linger longer (pot luck).

after church we just hung out for a long time. I got to do allot on facebook. but i got a headache from too much computer time.

we went to the Hudson's party after that. we sang and sang Christmas carols. i sang all night. they allways have a choclate fountain. i love their parties. christmas is AWESOME. 2 more days!

21 December 2008

pictures i found of google

google bot

swim google

Olympics google Einstein

16 December 2008

skiiiiiii weeeeek!!!!!!!!

this week is ski week. what a good thing! the only problem is that it will be too cold so COP canceled as did the school. i am skiing for the first time in my life. i am pretty good.
i think when i go to Fernie for my race and for Christmas i will go skiing with my cousins. they like to ski but for my mom...
skiing is definitely easier than snowboarding. I got to the 4th level of the ski passport. in 5 more i can go to the chairlift. But, if my instructor talks as much as he did today, i don't think i will get there. it took him 15 minutes to explain how to go on the conveyor belt! i have 1 more day of skiing this month. i promise to get to the assessment and inform you later.
there are so many sensations involved with this. like when you put on and take off the boots. or going really fast. i probably have a different idea of fast than people who are better skiers then i.

14 December 2008

Bifocal by Deborah Ellis + Eric Walters

okay. my mom made me read this book and i finished it last night. this was not such a bad book. i liked the style it was written in. it had two different perspectives telling the story. one of the Muslim kids and a kid on the football team. i LOVED the end. it was a little hard to get through the middle. i also thought that i prefer Deborah Ellis over Eric Walters.

it was two different people telling the story. Haroon and Jay. one other wrote the Haroon perspective and another wrote the Jay perspective. Eric Walters wrote jay's part. Some people might remember me writing about the bread winner. she wrote this too.

One of the lines i liked was " if she was confident, she wouldn't need to flaunt it." I like this mostly because it is true. there are a couple of girls I could tell that to at school. they would not believe it though. lost cause.

This week I finished 2 books about 210 pages. The only problem is that i don't have any thing to read till Christmas! THIS IS A TRAGEDY!!! the only way to tie myself over until then is to read Asterix comix in french. rrr....

I do recomend this book just for the ending. don't sstop in the dry parts! IF YOU PLAN ON READING THE BOOK SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH!!! one part i thought i could cut in halve was when Walters writes like 4 pages about the football dudes egging the houses. other than that it was awesome.

on the left you will find my video bar. there is one vid that is about the book you could consider watching. that ONE is about the book, the others have absaloutly nothing to do with this post.

jilly billy

39 Clues by Rick Riodan

This is on e of my new favorite series. i can't believe I have to wait for Christmas to read the next one. the 1st sentence goes "five minutes before she died, Grace Cahill changed her will." now that is suspenseful. i loved the part even though it was very sad when the boy, Dan got his backpack with the picture of his parents snatched up by the train. it was pretty touching.
I liked it because not only can one read the books but we can get the cards, play on the website ( www.39clues.com ), and win prizes. on the website you make an account and find out which branch of the Cahill family you are a part of. the book says that most of the important or influential people of the world are part of this family. the 4 branches go Ekaterina - the smarties branch, Lucian - the evil ones, Janus - the artsy fartsy people, ant he Tomas like me - the active and fit of the family.
I never even told you what this is about! well, it starts at a funeral for Grace Cahill , Amy and Dan's' grandma. in her will it says that a specific 40 people have the chance to take 1 million dollars or the 1st clue to a mystery that if resolved " will make them the most powerful and influential people in the history of human civilization."
I definitely recommend this book ( as a Christmas present? ). but the end is such a cliff hanger. so get ready for a ten book series.
keep reading! jill

07 December 2008

PURPLE / randomness

im case i did not tell you, i LOVE purple. i don't even know why i get this OCD about things. but i like it beacuase it is very deep. i found somay awesome pics of purple from google images - but i still can't figure out how to get pics on my blog,>:o[!
i went to the Coalition rally on saturday. it was lots of fun. there were people yelling and screaming (kind of like my brother). my favorite chant was :
where do we live? CANADA, what do we want? DEMOCRACY when do we want it? NOW
i thought it was funny how people left their signs at the statue of the famous five. theyput the signs on their laps and tables and stuff.i put mine that said "coalition smoalition" in one of their hands.
i love having a blog
stay tuned!

28 November 2008

ugh... :o< (why i hate my school)

some girls... i have some friends i will write about but i did not feel like talking to them and asking permission to put their names on my blog so i will call my good friends Alice, and, Tina, the other girl will be Georgina.
Tina is having a problem. Georgina is being a snob to her so me and Alice are trying to help. in class, i slip a note to Georgina that reads, "Tina is my friend and it make me upset that you are such a bum to her. you need to be a friend to have them." and that is pretty much what i wrote. but maybe i didn't call her a bum.
so Alice is like, "tina could have done that. it was not your buisness to help her." which is where i thought that it actually was my buisnees sine i am Tinas friend. "now tina is really upset." That made me upset. i was trying to help but i aperently made this worse. >:{

27 November 2008

new stuff

i just added a bunch of hidden gadgets to my blog. i have on < that side some hangman then some pics of puppies the i have under that some mario rampage. that is one totally pointless game. but it is fun.

autruchicisme!!! ;o] (why i love my school)

this word is from french and it translates to ostrich coolness. i know that some of you will be like, "what the heck is she talking about?." so, here is the story.
me and my friend (one of my awesomest friends) were thinking we should have a sisterhood! so we were thinking of what it could be. and i thought ostriches since we both speak french (and only talk to each other in french) we made it in french. but we knew something so awesome should have the word awesome. but we did not know what awesome was in french. so we used cool instead.(chic)
now, i definitely think that my teacher has autruche. cause we were waiting for the bell to ring i was talking with her and we got on the topic of Abba dancing queen. my teacher had seen mama mia and loved it as much as i did. she also said that she wishes she could live in a musical. these are words stolen from my mouth. i also liked it when i stayed i for recess we both just kept to our selves. i just typed and typed. also, the teacher across the hall played piano the whole time. it was a beautiful moment.
if only all my teachers were like this. ;o)

20 November 2008

twilight by stephenie meyer

i am in the middle of reading twilight. this is an okay book. i think that i don't enjoy romance novels. i also don't think it had a very good story line. i think the 1st 300 pages were very dull. it was just "i love this vampire but he can bite off my head" again and again. but if you like that type of thing... go ahead on facebook, my friend kevin showed my the spoof to the twilight trailer.
as for the movie, i thought it was pretty good. not awesome though. Iron man was awesome, twilight was great. i thought all the kissing was scarier than the ballet studio scene. but again this is my 10-year-old-who-dislikes-romance-novels opinion.
mmm... i kinda recomend it... maybe...

15 November 2008

the bread winner

The Bread Winner is a book i recently finished by Deborah Ellis. it is about a girl in afghanistan. her father is taken away by the Taliban and the girl named parvana has to take on a new life-style. one of my favorite thing from this book was when father talks about Malali. malali is my favorite because she shows lots of courage. the story goes, when the afghan army were not doing so well malali came and she totally leads themin to enamy camps and motivates them. then they win. i totally loved it.
the end of this book was a big cliff hanger. so be prepared to take on a series. i hope you find tins book as totaly awesome as i did.

05 November 2008

destiny dawn ackroyd

tomorrow is my younger sisters birthday. her name is destiny dawn ackroyd. she was a stillborn baby. that means she died before she was born. she died at 25 weeks.
here is something i wrote for the funeral-

Destiny Dawn Ackroyd was born silently on
November 6, 2007 1:00 am

Her Journey's Just Begun
By E. Brenneman
Don't think of her as gone away--
her journey's just begun,
life holds so many facets--
this earth is only one...
Just think of her as resting
from the sorrows and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort
where there are not days and years.
Think how she must be wishing
that we could know today
how nothing but our sadness
can really pass away.
And think of her as living
in the hearts of those she touched...
for nothing loved is ever lost--
and she was loved so much.

On Sunday I had a bad feeling that my mom wasn’t safe. I thought it was just the movie I was watching – but it wasn’t. It was the Holy Ghost speaking to me. My mom didn’t tell me, but she was worried too. So we decided to go to the doctor because she hadn’t felt the baby move for a few days. I felt sick in my stomach and extra sad when the doctor at the hospital said there was no heartbeat and the baby had died.

After she was born Peirce and I both got to hold her for a few minutes. She was really cute. She was smaller than a doll and her head was about as big as my fist. Her nose was like mine and she had eyelashes like Peirce’s – really long.

I was really looking forward to being a big sister to her. But I guess I will have to wait until we’re together again. I know that I will see her again because our family is sealed in the temple. My mom always said she was a really good one. I guess she only had to come to earth to get her body.

for her birth day we will go to the grave. I want everyone to know that this was sad but i believe in christs' atoning death. i know that because my family is sealed in the temple of the church if Jesus Christ of latter day saints, i can return to live with her in heaven. please visit www.lds.org for more info.

see you next time,
jill ackroyd.

04 November 2008


i am feeling very mature. because i can do my own laundry, a wheelie, and cut muffins. this is my picture of an ostrich

isn't she bee-autiful!
i am not exited that it is snowing. i still refuse to wear a winter jacket.
i can now see why i play soccer instead of 4 square. the boys decided to tell on the other class but were too honest. now i cannot play soccer.
i am going to edmonton this weekend. i get to see the great jenny chan. she is one of my greatest friend in the church. she goes to U of A. umm see you next post! jill.

02 November 2008

halloween organizing

for Halloween i was dumbledore (harry potter). i went trick or treating with Rae A.K.A a recycling box. we went with her parents. first in her grandparents neighborhood. then her mom's.

this is how i organized my candy to make a year supply-
supplies- 12 Ziploc bags varying in size, candy permanent marker
to do-
1 write the month and year on the bag
2 fill it with a reasonable amount of candy. 31 or 30 if you want to be specific.
3 do this till all of your bags are nice and bulgy.
< i like to give myslef a bag for hard times and accomplished goals.i don't know if you want to do that or not. >
some other things i heard were you could pick out the ones you don't like and sell them to ma and pa.
i have a secret. i can't tell you right now. but i will soon and it is very haloweeny.




17 October 2008


on wednesday we got our HPV and Hep B shots. i was surprised how fast it was. i did not notice the Hep shot. but the HPV one pinched. i even got a brouise from it! the lady did it surprisingly fast. she asked me to tell her 10 things in my room, and i got to three after she was done. i have to get 4 more shots. but i am not nervous for them.

15 October 2008

peace river

i went to peace river for thanks giving. it took eight hours to get there. i didn't feel the true impact since i was asleep 3/4 of the time. we got there and stayed in the hotel my grandpa manages. it is called the sawridge inn. we got there at 2 am. uugggghhh...
the next morning we hung out in my grand parent's room. later we drove across the river. did you know 40% of all the water in Canada flows through that river? then we went on the faerie. that was very interesting. you could go to my moms blog for details. ( www.ackroyd house.blogspot.com )
when we got across we drove some more and got to Fahler. it is a french town. but i only got to speak to 1 person who spoke french. they had the most amazing slide. it was bigger than any i had ever seen.
we went home and i showed grandma how to make an amazing braclet. she made it pink and purple. i thought it was very nice. after hanging out a little, we went to see beverly hills chihuahua. that was one of my favourite movies. we will rent it and show it to my dog, chico.
On Sunday, we went to church. it was a very small building. i thought it was interesting how when the speaker said good morning the congregation said hello back. we all got candys at the end from our singing time leader. then we went home. me and my papa watched hockey and baseball. my dad and peirce had a nap and then we went swimming. i went up the slide 25 times in 10 minutes.
then we went to bed.
on monday we said bye to papa and got in the car. we took grandma home. then she drove with my dad to lethbride with my dad. he had appoinments there.
i would like to go there earlier in the fall. my gandma said it was beautiful then. i think you should go ther, but bring a coat.

uh oh!

the other day my webkinz expired. i had a chihuahua. his name was chieco. that is the same as my actuall dog.

10 October 2008

a day of adventure

today i have no school. thanks to thanksgiving weekend i think. i want to have a day of adventures. here is list of things i want to do-
go to cochraine for ice cream.
visit the science center (telus world of science)
see Beverly hills chihuahua the movie
finish writing my song, about our virtue of the month at school
go to the glenmore museum. i have never gone there in my life. so this is a priority.
i havent confirmed with mom but this i what i want to do. i will write later about what i actualy did do.
keep reading!:O)

06 October 2008

bench dodgeball

today in gym we played a game called bench dodge ball. it is just like normal dodge ball but in stead of sitting down when you are hit, you sit on a bench on the other teams side. your team mates throw balls for you to catch i you catch one you return to home base with a free walk. this is one of my new favourites.

02 October 2008

geography could help end poverty!

i would like to reccomend this really cool site.
what you do is you read the name of the place, then, click where it is on the map. every time you get a perffect one you donate 10 cups of water to people in poverty. you don't need to pay anything. definetly try it out.

bottle drive

my swim team is having a bottle drive. so if you would like to get rid of all those cans, let me know and we'll come pick them up.

please don't go to too much trouble.

28 September 2008

a day of sportsmanship!

today i am gnawing on the bit. here is my schedule-
12:00- take part in an intense game of soccer. (ouch! sprained my ankle. that Will hurt tomorrow!) the score was 5-2 for my team.
1:45-terry fox run. in which i ran 4k.
5:00 go to swim club, have tom ponting coach me. Tom ponting went to the Olympics 3 times and swam in the butterfly relay. he won 2 silvers and a bronze. i was surprised that he coached us on freestyle instead of butterfly.
7:oo- go to a wicked flames hockey game at the saddledome. we killed Florida. after the first period the just about switched from hockey to boxing. at the end i believe the score was 8-2 for the flames. my grandma will post some pics on her blog. www.thefamilycalledhyde.blogger.com
when i got home i was asleep before my head hit the pillow. i had a wunderful day and hope to do something else like it. keep reading!

25 September 2008


i haven't written for such a long time! well better late than never. here is a brief account of my summer-
first i went to Raymond to visit my cousins on July 1st.
-i went fishing with My dads pfs buddy, Andy. he has a website called www.sportfishingalberta.ca
-i went to lethbridge for a grandma camp. at grandma camp we made teddy bear apparel, went to the cardston theatre and watched a play called "calamity Jane", we watched where the red fern grows and, i got a glow pillow for my b-day, we went out side around midnight when it was dark and we to awesome pics with glow sticks.
-then i came home and wen to a writing camp. i interviewed an olympic curler named amy nixon. she earned a bronze medal in torino 2006.
- at the end of summer i ran a 5k race.i did it in 50 minutes.

19 June 2008

oh no!

today i got my first muosquito bite of the year. nnoooooooooooooo!!!!

splish splash

Peirce's school is having swimming lessons at the pool right beside his school. i really wanted to get in the water. there was this guy there named Kenny. he was a grown up. he asked my mom, me and the lifegaurd if he could push me in. we all said yes.(even me) so after the kinder gardeners got out he pushed me and i felt great. it is hard to swim in clothes. hi hi hi. i went in with clothes and shoes. the water was warm.

12 June 2008

chop chop

today after i went to visit my budds I got my hair cut.
here are the before and after pics.-

this is all the hair that came off-

06 June 2008


today i had a babysittter. his name is adam.we wnt to jump on our trampoline. then we found out adam is crazy. he jumped of the deck onto the tramoline. that is my dads dream. he always wanted to do that. i also found out super man likes pink. i will have a video of adam soon.


05 June 2008

Finally I Moved Up!

Today was the last day of swim club for the year. I achieve my goal to get to stage 4. We did 4 length of choice for warm up. I did breast stroke. Then we did a set of 40 50 m free. Then we played penguin. Then we played sharks and minnows. I did considerably well in that game. Then we had free time. I went off the board then I played with a pool noodle. After that my coach (Heather) gave me the good news. I was definitely more excited than the other girls. See, they didn't care much. Unlike me, who was hugging the coaches, dancing in the locker room, things like that.
Now I will be called as an actual competitive swimmer. I will swim 3 times a week instead of 2. I will go to so many more races. I remember Heather saying I was so focused and that I just kept my eyes on the prize.

15 May 2008

missionary work

So, today at swim club i said hi to Carson's sister.(Carson is a little boy i know from swim club) then I saw Spencer Hudson from church. Carson's sister came over and asked me how i knew him. i said, "from church"
"are you Mormon?"
"do you like being Mormon?"
i understand why Jadean from my home school doesn't like being put on the spot! right then i couldn't think of a great answer so i said,
"because its awesome."
then mom pulled up so i left. later i started thinking.why do i like being a latter day saint?this is my answer-
this just makes me happy. When ever i read about the prophets in the magazines i just know he is living prophet of god.i like that the church wont make investigators believe. the church will encourage you not force you. i like that everyone in the church is like one big family. I like the feeling that i get after a great lesson. i like writing talks.
If you want to know more please let me know and it would rule if i got a bunch of comments on this post.

13 May 2008

I Am Iron Man!

Today I made an iron man suit out of Styrofoam. I watched iron man the movie. It was great! I thought Penny Potts was pretty cool. I thought it was funny when Tony Stark uses his computer (in the suit) to shoot only the bad guys but in some parts I thought Tony was a little drunk. I think it was even better than Batman Begins (and that is saying something!) I definitely recommend this movie!

P.S. The blue circle is the heart piece that is keeping the shrapnel out of his heart.

09 May 2008

us trip

In march i went on a trip to the united states. I stoped after the border to go to the washroom. But the first one after the border stunk! it was filthy. but they were selling the weirdest necklaces there. I was seriously tempted to buy one. they had real bugs trapped in this plastic bead! (they were dead) But i thought they looked to creepy. i knew mum would never let me ware it. so i waited till the next rest stop.
we got to our hotel. we went swimming. me and Jordan (my cousin who came along.) did this thing were we get in the hot tub till we get warm then we jump into the pool. jordy push we in once. ;)
one of my favourite parts of the hotel was the vending machine. i liked putting the paper into the machine. SLURP. It would eat up the paper dollar. all the candy was so inexpensive. I could buy candy for $.50! they have huge chocolate bars.
I woke up and we went to breakfast. There was an awesome breakfast. i had a waffle, peaches, rice crispy cereal, and OJ. I put straberry syrop on it. the rest of the day way extremely boring.(exept that i lost my hair brush) But I got some good pictures. (above)

29 March 2008

this is cool guy chico. that is why he is squinting. hahahah i love my chico.

to your right you will see my amie/friend. this face totally describes her personality. uh, ya. crazy fish-like girl. aussi je devrai dire... AUTRUCHE.

18 March 2008

i went to the dentist to get some baby teeth pulled. he went twist, twist, YANK! no, it did not hurt as much as it sounds like. he put lots of freezy in my mouth. it bled allot. he had to pull them because i had my grown up teeth all ready coming in.
rolling in the barrel

summersalt on the beam

the other day i went to my brother's gymnastic camp. it was lots of fun. i wasn't allowed to use everything since i am so big. but here's what I did use. they had this half sphere thing. you stand on the flat side and try to balance. it was also fun to put it flat side down, put your feet on top then use your our to go around it.

there was a barrel that one person would lie down in and another would push the barrel so it would roll.

14 February 2008

today i went to an art class. i started to paint a tee shirt, and did a paper- mashe alien. i will add some details to the tee shirt and i will paint the alien. my instructors for the art class are named mrs. C and marry. peirce and i will go to chukee cheese's soon. i am almost done reading harry potter 4! i will say this book was awesome just like all the other books i read.

30 January 2008

pics of moi

i aways wanted to meet buzz! i wachted toy story 1000 times every day!

peirce is not fishing. he is holding a horse wip and saying "yaa yaa"

back to school

chico didn't enjoy the ride like peirce did! if you click this picture you will see chico has his paws spread out for dear life!

this is from my moms cousin's wedding
beside me are my cousins zoe (top) and soleil (left)
this is at mucsle beach in santa monica CA

awesome sites!

www.americangirl.com a site for girls a round the age of 10
www.ackroydhouse.blogspot.com my mom's blog
www.altavista.bablefish.com a site i use for translating thing into french
www.french.about.com the coolest french guide around!
www.jecolorie.com a french site i like
www.lds.org all my chuch resources

23 January 2008

jill is in da house!!!!

yesterday i went to my school to visit my Friends. i was surrounded by a group of friends. it was like i was a super star , they were the paparazzi and Zee and Rae (my bffs) were even acting like body guards! "move away! give'er some space!" i decided that i don't like those paparazzi.(the real ones at least)

21 January 2008

je veut la francais!

je veut teriblement returner a l'ecole.je veut, mais, je ne veut pas. lesser moi expliquer. ma prof n'est pas trop gentil. il meme m'apeller une chien femmel! mais si je fais l'ecole a la maison, je ne peut pas parler francais. (maman ne parle pas la francais)

16 January 2008

the miraculus jounrey of Edward tulane

This book is about a rabbit named Edward Tulane. He goes on a ship with a girl named Abilene. Then two boys get a hold of him and he is thrown overboard. Then he is found by a fisher man and his journey begins.
I thought Edward at the beginning was very self centered and had no love. I think he learned to love because he became less self centered. I would be loving too if i thought I was going to be turned into a wort hog if i did not!
my favourite part was when Bryce called Sarah Ruth honey. it was really sweet. i was surprised when Neal broke Edwards head. i was sad when Sarah Ruth died. my favourite character was, bull. i thought he was interesting and believable. the story needed more humor. it was very dramatic. i liked how Edward had so may names.
i recommend this book.


Christmas was lots of fun this year.first I opened presents with mom, dad, and Peirce. then the family drove to Raymond(tiny town beside Lethbridge), and opened presents with my dad's side of the family. we slept at grandpa's hotel. the next day, we opened presents with my moms side of the family. it was really great.

08 January 2008

the invention of hugo cabret

The latest book i finished is called The Invention Of Hugo Cabret. It takes place in France. It is 536 pages. i read it in 1 day. I'm not a nine year old wonder. Three quarters of the pages are pictures. The pictures tell the story.
My favourite part was when he took the key off the girl without even touching her.I was really surprised when the toy maker saved Hugo from being ran over by the train.I got involved when the toy maker said he would burn the notebook with all the drawings of the automaton.I was never bored in this story. My favourite character was the toy maker. I think he grew the most. He became more open, and less secretive. I liked how he wrote this book. I don't think this could ever happen for real. I think all the characters became much better people.
I really recommend this book.