28 November 2008

ugh... :o< (why i hate my school)

some girls... i have some friends i will write about but i did not feel like talking to them and asking permission to put their names on my blog so i will call my good friends Alice, and, Tina, the other girl will be Georgina.
Tina is having a problem. Georgina is being a snob to her so me and Alice are trying to help. in class, i slip a note to Georgina that reads, "Tina is my friend and it make me upset that you are such a bum to her. you need to be a friend to have them." and that is pretty much what i wrote. but maybe i didn't call her a bum.
so Alice is like, "tina could have done that. it was not your buisness to help her." which is where i thought that it actually was my buisnees sine i am Tinas friend. "now tina is really upset." That made me upset. i was trying to help but i aperently made this worse. >:{

27 November 2008

new stuff

i just added a bunch of hidden gadgets to my blog. i have on < that side some hangman then some pics of puppies the i have under that some mario rampage. that is one totally pointless game. but it is fun.

autruchicisme!!! ;o] (why i love my school)

this word is from french and it translates to ostrich coolness. i know that some of you will be like, "what the heck is she talking about?." so, here is the story.
me and my friend (one of my awesomest friends) were thinking we should have a sisterhood! so we were thinking of what it could be. and i thought ostriches since we both speak french (and only talk to each other in french) we made it in french. but we knew something so awesome should have the word awesome. but we did not know what awesome was in french. so we used cool instead.(chic)
now, i definitely think that my teacher has autruche. cause we were waiting for the bell to ring i was talking with her and we got on the topic of Abba dancing queen. my teacher had seen mama mia and loved it as much as i did. she also said that she wishes she could live in a musical. these are words stolen from my mouth. i also liked it when i stayed i for recess we both just kept to our selves. i just typed and typed. also, the teacher across the hall played piano the whole time. it was a beautiful moment.
if only all my teachers were like this. ;o)

20 November 2008

twilight by stephenie meyer

i am in the middle of reading twilight. this is an okay book. i think that i don't enjoy romance novels. i also don't think it had a very good story line. i think the 1st 300 pages were very dull. it was just "i love this vampire but he can bite off my head" again and again. but if you like that type of thing... go ahead on facebook, my friend kevin showed my the spoof to the twilight trailer.
as for the movie, i thought it was pretty good. not awesome though. Iron man was awesome, twilight was great. i thought all the kissing was scarier than the ballet studio scene. but again this is my 10-year-old-who-dislikes-romance-novels opinion.
mmm... i kinda recomend it... maybe...

15 November 2008

the bread winner

The Bread Winner is a book i recently finished by Deborah Ellis. it is about a girl in afghanistan. her father is taken away by the Taliban and the girl named parvana has to take on a new life-style. one of my favorite thing from this book was when father talks about Malali. malali is my favorite because she shows lots of courage. the story goes, when the afghan army were not doing so well malali came and she totally leads themin to enamy camps and motivates them. then they win. i totally loved it.
the end of this book was a big cliff hanger. so be prepared to take on a series. i hope you find tins book as totaly awesome as i did.

05 November 2008

destiny dawn ackroyd

tomorrow is my younger sisters birthday. her name is destiny dawn ackroyd. she was a stillborn baby. that means she died before she was born. she died at 25 weeks.
here is something i wrote for the funeral-

Destiny Dawn Ackroyd was born silently on
November 6, 2007 1:00 am

Her Journey's Just Begun
By E. Brenneman
Don't think of her as gone away--
her journey's just begun,
life holds so many facets--
this earth is only one...
Just think of her as resting
from the sorrows and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort
where there are not days and years.
Think how she must be wishing
that we could know today
how nothing but our sadness
can really pass away.
And think of her as living
in the hearts of those she touched...
for nothing loved is ever lost--
and she was loved so much.

On Sunday I had a bad feeling that my mom wasn’t safe. I thought it was just the movie I was watching – but it wasn’t. It was the Holy Ghost speaking to me. My mom didn’t tell me, but she was worried too. So we decided to go to the doctor because she hadn’t felt the baby move for a few days. I felt sick in my stomach and extra sad when the doctor at the hospital said there was no heartbeat and the baby had died.

After she was born Peirce and I both got to hold her for a few minutes. She was really cute. She was smaller than a doll and her head was about as big as my fist. Her nose was like mine and she had eyelashes like Peirce’s – really long.

I was really looking forward to being a big sister to her. But I guess I will have to wait until we’re together again. I know that I will see her again because our family is sealed in the temple. My mom always said she was a really good one. I guess she only had to come to earth to get her body.

for her birth day we will go to the grave. I want everyone to know that this was sad but i believe in christs' atoning death. i know that because my family is sealed in the temple of the church if Jesus Christ of latter day saints, i can return to live with her in heaven. please visit www.lds.org for more info.

see you next time,
jill ackroyd.

04 November 2008


i am feeling very mature. because i can do my own laundry, a wheelie, and cut muffins. this is my picture of an ostrich

isn't she bee-autiful!
i am not exited that it is snowing. i still refuse to wear a winter jacket.
i can now see why i play soccer instead of 4 square. the boys decided to tell on the other class but were too honest. now i cannot play soccer.
i am going to edmonton this weekend. i get to see the great jenny chan. she is one of my greatest friend in the church. she goes to U of A. umm see you next post! jill.

02 November 2008

halloween organizing

for Halloween i was dumbledore (harry potter). i went trick or treating with Rae A.K.A a recycling box. we went with her parents. first in her grandparents neighborhood. then her mom's.

this is how i organized my candy to make a year supply-
supplies- 12 Ziploc bags varying in size, candy permanent marker
to do-
1 write the month and year on the bag
2 fill it with a reasonable amount of candy. 31 or 30 if you want to be specific.
3 do this till all of your bags are nice and bulgy.
< i like to give myslef a bag for hard times and accomplished goals.i don't know if you want to do that or not. >
some other things i heard were you could pick out the ones you don't like and sell them to ma and pa.
i have a secret. i can't tell you right now. but i will soon and it is very haloweeny.