19 June 2008

oh no!

today i got my first muosquito bite of the year. nnoooooooooooooo!!!!

splish splash

Peirce's school is having swimming lessons at the pool right beside his school. i really wanted to get in the water. there was this guy there named Kenny. he was a grown up. he asked my mom, me and the lifegaurd if he could push me in. we all said yes.(even me) so after the kinder gardeners got out he pushed me and i felt great. it is hard to swim in clothes. hi hi hi. i went in with clothes and shoes. the water was warm.

12 June 2008

chop chop

today after i went to visit my budds I got my hair cut.
here are the before and after pics.-

this is all the hair that came off-

06 June 2008


today i had a babysittter. his name is adam.we wnt to jump on our trampoline. then we found out adam is crazy. he jumped of the deck onto the tramoline. that is my dads dream. he always wanted to do that. i also found out super man likes pink. i will have a video of adam soon.


05 June 2008

Finally I Moved Up!

Today was the last day of swim club for the year. I achieve my goal to get to stage 4. We did 4 length of choice for warm up. I did breast stroke. Then we did a set of 40 50 m free. Then we played penguin. Then we played sharks and minnows. I did considerably well in that game. Then we had free time. I went off the board then I played with a pool noodle. After that my coach (Heather) gave me the good news. I was definitely more excited than the other girls. See, they didn't care much. Unlike me, who was hugging the coaches, dancing in the locker room, things like that.
Now I will be called as an actual competitive swimmer. I will swim 3 times a week instead of 2. I will go to so many more races. I remember Heather saying I was so focused and that I just kept my eyes on the prize.