16 December 2008

skiiiiiii weeeeek!!!!!!!!

this week is ski week. what a good thing! the only problem is that it will be too cold so COP canceled as did the school. i am skiing for the first time in my life. i am pretty good.
i think when i go to Fernie for my race and for Christmas i will go skiing with my cousins. they like to ski but for my mom...
skiing is definitely easier than snowboarding. I got to the 4th level of the ski passport. in 5 more i can go to the chairlift. But, if my instructor talks as much as he did today, i don't think i will get there. it took him 15 minutes to explain how to go on the conveyor belt! i have 1 more day of skiing this month. i promise to get to the assessment and inform you later.
there are so many sensations involved with this. like when you put on and take off the boots. or going really fast. i probably have a different idea of fast than people who are better skiers then i.

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