25 March 2009

AAAARRRGGG!!!! (continued)

    Last time I told you about face-washing that guy. LOL.  we we're playing full contact soccer. (don't tell Mrs.  A) But i didn't have the ball! This guy just walks up to me and trips me. For no reason!!!! This was before I kicked him on the bus. He could not have been doing it for vengeance. (don't you love that word?) He probably did it because he is a bum. So I let him walk away.  (for now) Then, when he doesn't expect it, i run up to him, pull his legs out from under him, and face-wash him!  
     I can't forget to credit my friend Rae and my aunt Virginia. Rae helped me pull this off. Aunt Virginia was my inspiration.  }:O] (Unibrow)

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