25 March 2009

Chico the Crazy Chihuahua

        Oh my goodness.... Chico is such a funny dog.  We give him kibbles and bits for food. he sorts them! He puts the fish and triangles away from the others in a little pile. its really cute. we are trying to figure out if he does it to save the best for last, or, because he does not like them. i guess we will never know. (unless in the future dogs and cats will learn how to talk) 
      Chico has major attitude. If he is freaking out at the people walking down the street, ("You can't walk there! This street is mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!") we say "chico shush!" Then we go and hold his muzzle. He grumbles. "nyar nyar ggrrrr... nyar " its pretty funny.  

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